Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hijah! Hwaarjah!

Hello there. In this post i shall write a bit about the workplace.

There are us, the two finns (on some paper on the wall, there`s written "keep an eye on the finns"... and after my name it reads "thin girl"... wow), then there`s around 5 irish dudes and dudettes, 2 japanese, 2 argentinians, one french big bear and one german dude. One crazy crowd i must say! Now after 2,5 weeks i`m beginning to sense their humor. After understanding that, it feels like i have been given the green light. Still have to check the boundaries of the jokes. Mustn`t go too far with mine (as they are all usually really bad).
Today for example i got smacked on my arse with a pack of veneers by the french big bear (sounds like the indians gave him the name: The Wondering Big Bear, The Big Bear is angy today,  The Big Bear hunts gooses). My reaction was really lame. Usually i would just say: the f*ck. But not this time. These are another boundaries i have. Can you imagine, me not swearing? Well, it really is happening! My mum would be proud. Seriously, she would!
But ass-smacking isn´t the usual day to day thing here. Don´t worry. Not raped yet (uuh, that sounds disturbing and a bit scary... not yet... brrrr). Aaaaanyways, we have some usual thing we have to look after during the day. Like cleaning the floors of the sawdust. Reminds me of Black Books one episode: "The dust, oh the dust." "The place isn`t that dusty!" Well it is! Sometimes it feels like there`s no point in it, because 2 seconds later, everything is again coverd with 2cm thick dust layer. Don´t have to even say, what comes out from the nose all the time. I think i could build a house from it, if i would like to collect it all. Don´t know what word should i give to the "it". I think i have discovered a way to make the house more water resistant... hmmmm...
Between the cleanings we do all sorts of things. Some days i just run around like a headless chicken, because there`s just so many tasks and there`s more coming all the time. "Take this there" "Wait, no, before you do that, do this and this and this and that and THEN go bring those things and then do these and those and that and this and there and back, The Hobbit" (You got it? Did you get my awesome joke? Did you, DID YOU? Now THAT`s a good joke!). I´m feeling like i have been to the gym when i get home. But i like all the tasks. Sometimes it`s a bit hard to carry all the heavy stuff, but as they are using mostly ash, it`s much lighet that birch and that make sme really happy! Every time i have to carry something, i`m prepared for some massive back injurie, but it turns out every time, it was better than expected. It`s nice to work with some other wood than birch. I don`t like the ash veneers that much (allthough the final products look sexy as hell), but the timber is so beautiful. Love it!

My last little project was to make a house model
from MDF. Well, don´t know if i can say, it was THAT small. 800x600mm house size. I liked doing it a lot. My brain sometimes crashed totally, because there was a lot of thinking and calculating, but i`m satisfied. Even the Master (yes, i`m calling the main man Master) said "you did good". That almost brought tears to my eyes! "It`s such a perfect day lalalalaaa "

    We have one coffeebrake and lunch. That`s it. It was quite sad ad the beginning, because i was used to I´m used to having coffee brakes after every two hours (now i miss school!) and chilling after lunch. Here it`s teatime (yes, they call it teatime), back to work, lunch, back to work. The workdays are longer also and this weekend we have to help them on Saturday also. But we`ll get one Friday free! YESS! A longer weekend! Now i understand, why people are waiting for the weekend. So am i, so am i. And because i`m so excited about that, i`ll share a random picture of a dog, that i call Lettu, becaus his real name really sounds like pancake, but you should never say that! I did it, and got some angry looks at my way. So here is the Lettu-dude, who`s hanging on the table when he feels like it`s the right thing to do at the moment:

    So, after a long and crazy day, we head back to Kinsale. I still don´t really know where the workshop is because the roads are just insane. I saw a sign that showed curved road ahead 3km. THREE KILOMETERS? You kiddin`me? There should be signs that say 200m straight road, because that`s as good as it gets! I´m not even sure there are any straight roads here. Or roads that are wider than 4m. Every time i´m in the car, i find myself thinking that is this going to be the day i`ll die? Because it sure feels like dying soon. 120km/h on a narrow curved road in the middle of nowhere. And there are people cycling. I wonder if they are a part of a suicide group? If not, i would like to recommend them to find one. I felt like i would like to join one after having to drive a van a bit. First of all, i tried 3 times to enter the van from what i would say the "right" side, which here is obviously the "wrong" side. And changing gears with your left hand... not as bad as i thought, but felt so wrong. But atleast the pedals are in a normal order. Now i have a car-fever here, and am constantly thinking about renting one and going for a road trip. Should i order the coffin allready? Should get it cheaper maybe if to do it in time?

   But Kinsale! The sweetest city i have ever seen. The harbour is also a very good component. As you can see from the picture, there`s never too much colours (Sanna-Mari took the picture, so all right reserved?)
At first it felt a bit crazy, seeing a pink-babyblue-yellow-orange-whatever houses, but itś sweet. And the weather is anyways so gray all the time, so i think i understand the idea maybe? Or do i just sound very poetical and awesome right now? I´ll anyways try to make more pictures of the houses etc. But don´t feel like being abroad here (I think i got it... the thing that Anne told. You other people don´t know it, so just leave it. I said, LEAVE IT! Thank you) and that minimizes the need to make pictures of every little thing. I usually like to do it, but not this time. Just walking in the streets and thinking "Bhwaaahahahaa, no-one shall ever see what i am seeing". I´ve got the power!

Now i finnish (you got it? there was a joke in the sentence! Awesome, isn´t it?). I took Sanna-Mari`s advice and made the layout a bit easier to read. Usually i just write and then it`s one big block of text, but this time i even played a bit with the pictures. And must i say, it was rather difficult. It was as crazy as fitting pictures in Word! Thank`s to this, i don`t even know if i want to show you some more. It all comes from my valuable time, you see.

All the best and arrrrghh, hwaarjah!

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