Monday, April 22, 2013

The thing is...

Lovely day for a Guinness, as in raining like a m*therfucker and windy as hell? Well jes sir, it bloody well indeed is a great-day-for-Guinness every day then! (And i took my sandals... fools hope.)
What can i say after two weeks of chilling and hanging in Kinsale? I like it! (you weren`t expecting that, weren`t you?) There are still some strange things here i haven´t figured out yet. I know how to say "hijah" or however it should be written. I like to think that it sound very Irish even when silly little me sais it. And i say Finland "fnlnd", because it`s the proper way here. You know, not making any sense while talking, so it sounds like your mouth is full of dry bread? Yeah, exactly, that kind of proper way. And the other thing: you`re walking on the narrow-as-possibly-can-be-street and random peaople say "hijah" and "hwaarjah" and you have absolutely no idea, what to answer. I´m usually sticking to "hijah" myself also or just making a face that i didn´t see or hear anything. You see, i have tried different answer for this "hwaarjah": "Fine, thank you", "Fine, thank you. And how are you?", "Thank`s, fine", "Fiiiiiine", "Oh well, it`s raini" etc. But i haven´t figured out, what`s the real "right" way. Because if you really start talking how you are, like "uuh, it`s kinda cold today, isn´t it?", then they make a fish-face and it seems that they are not listening at all and they just don´t give a sh*t. So why are you asking then at all? It seems to be a overall polite matter, in which no-one should ever reveale the true meaning of "IT". I think i`ll continue my tests. And at the end of it, i`ll give them a cup-cake, their own medicine in a kind and affectionate way (referring here to the super delicious cup-cakes that they make). I still feel like an unpolite ass (ass as a donkey, no bad language here, my lady), because i sometimes just don´t remember to answer the "hwaarjah". Or it`s not automatic yet. The other day i went to buy a on-the-go coffee and the sweet man said: "Hijah, hwaarjah" and i just said "Hijah, one coffee please." God damn it, Sandrinja (ou jes, this is my new nickname at work... dear lord...), ANSWER THE GUY, for crying out loud! But no... I just ram into the shop and ask what i came here for. But i made a little chit-chat, to cover the mess up. I guess it`s not a big deal, not answering to the mysterious question that has no answer apparently, but it bugs me still. I haven`t found a book here about it either. I bought a book about Irish insults (as you migh allready imagine, there`s books about every little Irish thing for the glorious tourists). Thought that it might take me far enough here. But i guess "stick it in yer arse" isn´t the thing to fool around with.
I haven´t had any cultural shocks except people being ridiculously nice here. The beer tastes as good as it can get, food is delicious at the restaurants (have visited a few places only, but it was gooooood... mmm...), prices are bearable, architecutre is totally my cup of tea, weather... well, you can whine about the weather everywhere, so there`s no point to say anything more. Everyone here thinks that people, who come from the baltics are not afraid of the cold. (They have a saying here, that if it`s cold and windy, it "brrr... baltics". It`s true! A totally drunk man outside a pub told us! You better believe that!) I guess they have stories for children, how finns and other "cold freaks" run around naked in the snow and have no heating systems at all, because that`s totally normal. I feel it`s never too much to say to them that unlike in Ireland, people in other countries know how to build houses! As i`ve understood, it`s totally regular thing that on a rainy day the water comes into the house. And from where might that be? Ceilings and under the doors ofcourse! We even had a snail cruising around the coridor one day. And there is a rusty screw next to the window of my room. How long has it been there? I might guess a day should be enough for it to totally rust in this not so dry air.

Allthought i can hear the crowd asking for more, i shall finish for today. The magnificent internet we have here is so fast, that i think it has opened by now. Usually takes couple of minutes here and there. But atleast we have it! It`s small and hideous and hides in dark places, but it`s our own sweet internet.

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